• Managing Disease

    Explore how university research helps farmers manage  crop diseases. Plus what to watch for in late planted soybeans.

  • Popular With Pollinators

    Soybean fields are home to a surprisingly high number of bees. Read about the research.

  • Water Conservation

    Explore the ways Ohio farmers work to protect water quality.

Soybean plants in the field.

Research Exploring the Benefit of Cover Crops in Continuous Soybeans

In recent years, cover crops have gained popularity as a sustainable tool to use for enhancing soil health and plant performance in crop rotation sequences. …

Soybean pod.

Recommendations for Double Cropping Soybeans

This year has been uniquely challenging, but in more typical seasons when planting is timely and the conditions are right, double cropping can be a …

Three Ways Research Helps Farmers Manage Diseases

Each growing season has its challenges, and this one is no different. Ohio farmers who planted crops late need to focus on making those yields …

Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio.

Ohio Farmers Work to Conserve Ohio’s Water Quality

Farmers in northwest Ohio are continuing to find innovative ways to protect the water quality of Lake Erie and improve the lives of the communities …

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Pollinators

Ohio Soybean Fields Are Home to a Surprisingly High Number of Bees

Soybean fields, with their large expanses of uniform green plants, seem an unlikely habitat for bees and other pollinator insects. The tiny white or purple …

Farm Nutrient Management Data Ohio Soybean Checkoff Research

Sign Up For Western Lake Erie Basin Nutrient Management Assistance Programs

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) announced a second sign-up period for programs in the Western Lake Erie Basin funded by the passage of Ohio …

Field Leader Offers Tips for Managing Tough Ohio Pests Including Mexican Bean Beetles

Managing Insecticide Resistance and Scouting Insights for Tough Ohio Pests

Insecticide resistance in soybeans is a growing problem in the Midwest. In South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota, research sponsored by state checkoffs and …

Palmer Amaranth is an invasive pigweed. Get tips for controlling it from Ohio Field Leader.

Tips for Managing Pigweed

Waterhemp and Palmer amaranth are both members of the pigweed family that significantly threaten crop yields and farm incomes across the U.S. Weed scientists with …

New Findings From Dicamba Research

The University of Missouri has released five key learnings from dicamba research they’ve conducted over the past several years to inform growers using the Xtend …


As farming continues to change, it’s more important than ever for growers to stay on top of the latest agronomic research, technology trends and water quality best practices. That’s why the Ohio Soybean Council developed Field Leader, an online resource to give you access to the latest soybean checkoff research and water quality information to enhance your operation.


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