Explore how the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network came together, what they’ve learned and how it can help enhance farm conservation and water quality in Ohio.

  • Weed Prevention & Herbicide Planning

    Preventing weeds while preserving herbicide and trait technology requires thinking through several factors, including weed biology and environmental impact. Get expert insights to support your plan.


    Want to preserve water and soil quality without sacrificing yields? Dig into strip-till and precision nutrient placement research at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center.

The Blanchard River Watershed Network conducts in-field research and serves as a conservation resource for farmers in Ohio

Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network Serves As Conservation Resource For Farmers

The Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network (BRDFN) is an innovative way to gauge the true impact of crop nutrients on Ohio’s water and explore cutting-edge …

Conservation tillage research and nutrient placement Ohio Soy Field Leader

Digging Into Strip-Till and Nutrient Management Research

Strip-till is a conservation tillage method more Ohio farmers are digging into because it blends the benefits of traditional tillage with the soil health aspects …

CRISPR and genetic technology with soybean at Ohio State University Feng Qu

How CRISPR Research Can Grow New Opportunities for Soybean Farmers

CRISPR is an innovative technology that has the potential to grow new opportunities for farmers in the form of higher yielding, more robust crops that …

Herbicide Planning and Technology Tips with Mark Loux on Ohio Field Leader

Insights for Preventing Weeds and Protecting Herbicide Technology

Herbicide planning is critical for protecting crops and maximizing yields. Preventing weeds while preserving herbicide and trait technology requires strategically thinking through several factors, including …

Field Leader Explores Ag Equipment Innovations RoGator C Series Sprayer

Exploring Ag Equipment Innovations

Each season offers growers and retailers the opportunity to improve their business for the future. Upgrading farm equipment is a change that requires substantial investment, …

Ohio Field Leader Wheat Cover Crops in Farm Science Review Field

How To Get Started With Cover Crops

Productive soils are key to maximizing soybean yields and farm profitability. Cover crops are a great way to enhance soil health, maintain fertility and improve …

Field Leader Soybean Performance Plot Trial Highlights for 2018

Key Insights From the 2018 Ohio Soybean Trials

Each year, researchers from The Ohio State University (OSU) collaborate with seed companies to conduct soybean performance plot trials. Their goal is to give farmers …

Ohio Field Leader Tips for Soybean Marketing

Tips for Soybean Marketing

It takes substantial planning and decision-making to grow a successful crop, and it’s important to be just as strategic when selling it. Shifts in global …

Sprayer Cleanout Tips Ohio Field Leader

Properly Winterizing Sprayers Can Help Mitigate Costly Problems Next Spring

This is a busy time of year for many farmers, but taking time to winterize your sprayer now can payoff in avoiding problems next spring.  Without proper …


As farming continues to change, it’s more important than ever for growers to stay on top of the latest agronomic research, technology trends and water quality best practices. That’s why the Ohio Soybean Council developed Field Leader, an online resource to give you access to the latest soybean checkoff research and water quality information to enhance your operation.


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