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Ohio Field Leader Soybean Crop

How long do we have for late planted soybeans to mature?

“The concerns about frost limiting soybean potential in northern Ohio this year are warranted.” – Greg LaBarge, Ohio State University Extension

Ohio Field Leader Harvest Tips for Planting Success

A “dryer” soybean harvest

The challenging wet weather this spring may lead to wet soybeans for harvest this fall around Ohio.

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Crop

Sorting Out the Soybean Herbicide Resistance Traits

“The good news is that we have new options for control of herbicide-resistant weeds.” – Dr. Mark Loux, Professor of Weed Science, The Ohio State University

Challenges continue in Northwest Ohio

“I have never seen a year like this one, and never seen it this widespread. ” – Glen Newcomer, CCA, Bryan Ohio

Use Caution Choosing Cover Crops for SCN-Infested Fields

There are plenty of agronomic incentives to plant cover crops this fall. But for fields infested with soybean cyst nematode (SCN) there’s one watch-out: Don’t …

Soybean plants in the field.

Research Exploring the Benefit of Cover Crops in Continuous Soybeans

In recent years, cover crops have gained popularity as a sustainable tool to use for enhancing soil health and plant performance in crop rotation sequences. …

Soybean pod.

Recommendations for Double Cropping Soybeans

This year has been uniquely challenging, but in more typical seasons when planting is timely and the conditions are right, double cropping can be a …

Three Ways Research Helps Farmers Manage Diseases

Each growing season has its challenges, and this one is no different. Ohio farmers who planted crops late need to focus on making those yields …

Ohio Field Leader Soybean Pollinators

Ohio Soybean Fields Are Home to a Surprisingly High Number of Bees

Soybean fields, with their large expanses of uniform green plants, seem an unlikely habitat for bees and other pollinator insects. The tiny white or purple …

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